Port of Liverpool

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK)

The principal ferry operators serving the Port of Liverpool are P&O Irish Sea Ferries, Norfolk Irish Sea, and The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, offering sailings to Dublin, Belfast and Douglas.

P&O Irish Sea Ferries

P&O Irish Sea Ferries sails to Dublin seven times per week.

The fleet of P&O Irish Sea Ferries consists of four conventional vessels and one fast ferry. The Norbay ferry operates the route between Liverpool and Dublin. The ship was built by a Dutch company in 1994. It has a capacity of 114 passengers and 156 vehicles. The ship offers a range of excellent facilities and was built according to the highest safety standards.

Norfolkline Irish Sea Ferries

Norfolkline Irish Sea Ferries offer sailings for passengers every week between Belfast, Dublin and Liverpool with modern ships providing a convenient and reliable service throughout the year. The Liverpool Viking and the Dublin Viking are the vessels operating these routes. Both ships were built in 1997 and can carry 340 passengers and 100 vehicles. On-board facilities are modern and comfortable.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

The Steam Packet Company is the longest-existing operating passenger ferry company in the world. The company offers fast craft services and modern vessels. The SuperSeaCat catamaran reaches a speed of 38 knots and can accommodate 690 passengers and has room for 147 vehicles while the Dutch built Ben-my-Chree has a capacity of 630 passengers and 275 vehicles. The maximum speed of the vessel is 19 knots. On-board facilities are modern and offer plenty of conveniences to passengers.

Liverpool Port

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